How To: Depot Eyeshadow

As promised in an earlier post, here is my step to step guide to depotting singular eyeshadow pans. I like to depot my eye shadow to put into palettes, just saves so much space!! Oh MAC does sell eyeshadow in pan forms but its not all stores or counters and sometimes you just forget to ask for it in pan form. In this How To I’m using MAC eyeshadow pans.   Step one: Gather all the equipment – Hair Straightener, A bit of grease proof paper, A towel or an old top you don’t mind getting dirty/stained, a flat ended screwdriver (some people use a tweezer) and a nail (some people use a pin, a toothpick or whatever you can find.)


Step Two: You will now have to separate the eyeshadow pan from the casing. Use your screwdriver and place it in between the tiny gap between the pan and the case.


Step Three: Now that the screwdriver is in the gap, twist it a little and the pan should pop right out.


Step Four: You now need to separate the metal eyeshadow pan from the plastic pan. Heat up your hair straightener, mine takes roughly 10seconds to heat up so I didn’t have to do it earlier, but if yours takes longer, do it earlier to avoid wasting time.  BE CAREFUL at this stage, so you don’t burn yourself!!! Place your grease proof paper on the straightener and then the eyeshadow on top.


Step Five: Leave it on for a few minutes (depending on how high the heat it), making sure you don’t let the plastic melt too much, just gets messy. Once the base has soften stick in the nail through the back and push the pan out!


Step Six: Be careful not to burn yourself, remember metal heats up very quickly!! You want to completely remove the metal pan from the plastic pan, I used my hands to quickly pull it apart and dump the eye shadow facing down on to the towel (some people use clamps or tweezers, I’m just lazy). Put the eyeshadow facing down because the glue will still be hot and you don’t want it sticking to everything.



TADA!!! You have no depotted your eyeshadow. Normally at this stage because the glue is still hot I’ll use it to stick a bit of magnet to the base of the eyeshadow pan, this makes it easier for me to put it in my palette without it falling out. I don’t have pictures because I forgot to take some!!


Day Eighty Three: Another Stabucks Give Away

Its Thursday again and yes March is the month that Starbucks is (almost) giving something free everything Thursdays.

Today was a bag of whole bean coffee!!!

Day Eighty Two: Another Package

March has been a month full of packages!!!! I pretty much got a package every week in the month so far!!!!!

Day Eighty One: Warm Coffee on The Go

Invested in a Starbucks tumbler to have hot coffee on my very cold early mornings!

Day Eighty: Just Want to Sleep

Monday again….. and its back to work!!! Gosh I hate Mondays they’re always so busy!!! With so much work to do!!!


Day Seventy Nine: De-potted

De-potted some of my MAC eye shadows today!!!! A little tutorial will follow of how I did it!! Its not no special way, its a pretty common way actually.

Day Seventy Eight: The Shade is Pink

Decided to dish out all my lipsticks and just sort them out!!! I have quite a lot of similar shades…. so I’m gonna sell them!!! Yes they’re used but as long as I clean them properly someone will buy it!!!